We will never forget those loved ones,
and the terrible price they have paid.
Their courage, dedication and professionalism
will forever be alive in our hearts.
May God, in His infinite power,
help to mend those broken parts.
There is no greater pain,
then the loss of those we love,
But we pray you will find inner strength,
with guidance from the Lord above.
It’s a very tough journey you are faced with,
but together we can all make it through.
So, we gather today to remember, and share
the love for “Our Heroes in Blue.
“We know they are watching us now,
and so proud that you’re all here.
They would like to see smiles not sadness;
see hope in your eyes not fear.
They are at peace with the Lord up in heaven
and they would like us to be at peace too.
They know in their hearts how we miss them,
and they want you to know they miss you.
May you all find some solace in knowing,
that in God’s eyes, they did not die in vain.
They gave their lives doing a job they believe in,
and it hurts them to see you in pain.
So as we pray for those loved ones we lost,
They would like us to pray too;
For the brave men and women still out there,
their Brothers and Sisters in Blue.