Even though it hasn’t been long
Since the day that you’ve been gone
People tell me, ” time will heal……”
But not having you here seems so unreal.
I feel like I’m living in a dream –
Then reality hits……and I want to scream:
You are my baby , my first born – my son
And with your short life, I know I wasn’t done
With teaching and loving and caring that’s true,
And all of life’s treasures I wanted for you.
I keep thinking what would I do,
If I had another moment to say I love you.
How would I fill that moment I long of,
Except with words conveying my love.
I can’t be thankful for what I have not –
But do try and be thankful for all I got.
The time with you so short and sweet,
You always were “mom’s special treat.”
Lord – my strength is ebbing from yesterday,
Please fill my cup of strength for this day.
Show me the stairway that I have to Climb,
Lord….. for my sake,
Teach me to take……….
One day at a time.

Copyright 2006 Cyndee DeLong