I stare at the casket;
Draped with the nation’s cloth.

I’m momentarily startled;
As the guns go off.

Another fallen soldier;
Being laid to rest.

I struggle to breathe;
For this tightness in my chest.

The bugler so smooth;
As he hits every note.

It is hard to swallow;
Because of this lump in my throat.

Tears fall like rain;
As I look to the sky.

No matter how many times I hear it;
Taps still makes me cry.

The bugle now silent;
As we pray for the dead.

I gather myself;
As I bow down my head.

Lord bless these heroes;
Who have given their lives.

Comfort their children;
Their husbands and wives.

Let us not forget;
They have given their all.

Let the bugle be silent;
Let no more soldiers fall.