Quiet Reader – Prayer Cards


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Introducing our “Quiet Reader” themed Prayer Card, a touching and serene piece of print collateral designed to honor and remember your cherished loved one. The Prayer Card features a gentle color palette and a beautifully balanced design, offering an atmosphere of peace and comfort, reminiscent of the solace found within the pages of a favorite book.

Our high-quality Prayer Cards are an integral part of the “Quiet Reader” collection, carefully crafted to provide a meaningful token of remembrance during the funeral service. The Prayer Card includes space for a photograph and allows customization of messages, favorite quotes, poems, or prayers that truly embody the essence of your loved one’s spirit and appreciation for literature.

Choose the “Quiet Reader” Prayer Card for an elegant and calming tribute to your loved one, offering friends and family a cherished keepsake that serves as a reminder of the love, wisdom, and unforgettable memories shared throughout their lifetime.

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100# Gloss Cover


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