Funeral Program Template – What’s the real cost?

Are you trying to decide whether to buy a funeral program template from a website or to buy the funeral programs online and have them shipped to you? This is a common dilemma, and before making the decision on what is right for you, you need to know how the online technology available to you through affects you and your wallet.

Myth #1. “Printing is expensive, my only option is to buy a funeral program template and print them at home.”

Answer: Companies like have been able to break through funeral program template price barriers to make printing through our website and using our free funeral program template designer even less expensive than printing at home. The reality is in the most typical situations using is 60.00 less than do-it-yourself ink jet printing. (Typical situation and costs below.)

For instance, the standard funeral template is $40.00, and lets say you need 100 programs and have a typical laser printer. The average ink cartridge is $10 per color and will print 325 pages at 5% ink coverage, but the average template is designed with 50% ink coverage, reducing your yield to just 32 pages per ink cartridge set. So in a typical situation, your ink would cost you 3 sets of ink, or $120.00 total, not including what it costs to go buy the cartridges, lets say $5.00 plus the paper you need (another $5.00). So your total cost is around $170.00 The price is 98.00 + shipping, that’s a $60.00 savings.

Myth #2. “Printing at home is quicker, I don’t have time to order funeral programs online.”

Answer: Ordering funeral programs on will take you the time you need to fill out the information (fifteen minutes to an hour depending on how much info you have) and ship out to you within 24 hours. Yes, we are the fastest in the industry. More importantly, other things need your attention, you don’t have to try and be a print shop, leave that to us and spend the time with your family.