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Creating a high quality funeral program for your loved one is an important part of the funeral planning process. It is important to know that the funeral home you choose may not offer help with this step of the memorial service . With new, online technology available through there is no need to purchase Microsoft publisher templates to create beautiful funeral programs. Just as it makes more financial sense to store information in the cloud, it also makes more sense to use online-based service memorial templates. Most online funeral program services charge, some over a hundred dollars, just for a simple template. One of the most beneficial features of is the free funeral program template options created by our design team. The goal of is to make funeral programs and memorial cards more affordable than ever by condensing the template cost and printing cost into one by only charging for the actual memorial print. is a print family that understands how expensive end-of-life costs are, so pay less for printing. Even if you have a high quality laser printer at home, the costs of "at home" digital imaging are higher than our online memorial service programs. Before creating a funeral program, it is important to gather favorite memorial poems and memorial songs to include in the funeral program.

  1. Start by choosing a favorite theme for your loved one's funeral program.
  2. Secondly, input all of the necessary information into the template. Our website has many funeral program examples to help with organizing all of the information.
  3. Select "Checkout" and you are done, ships within 24 hours from time of order, so you can rest assured you will receive your funeral programs quickly. Choose your shipping speed from our UPS options and receive them in as little as 48 hours.
  4. Here is a Youtube video example of placing an order for Prayer Cards: